Ref: F10-five

The 1000 x 1200mm pallet size is the traditional UK size, which originated as the imperial sized 40" x 48". The size offers flexibility for loading containers or pallet-wide trucks.

We are now pleased to launch the NEW F10-five, which can hold 600kg with 60 pallets in a single stack, helping to save a further 20% storage space!

Technical Leaflet
1000 x 1200mm


600kg dynamic capacity
tare weight 13kg;
60 per stack

Ref: F10

Technical Leaflet
1000 x 1200mm


900kg dynamic capacity
tare weight 15kg; 50 per stack

1250kg dynamic capacity
tare weight 20kg; 50 per stack

Space Saving

ISPM15 Approved

Choice of Sizes

No Nails or Screws

Low Moisture Content

Lighter than Timber


Solid Top Deck

Rounded Edges

Recycled Product

Weather Resistant

Free FLT Access

No 2nd Hand Value

Ideal for POP/POS

Price Competitive
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