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Inka Presswood Pallets Limited were established in 1985 as the UK distributors of the Inka Presswood Pallet and are dedicated to increasing the awareness and popularity of the Presswood Pallet throughout the UK. We hold large quantities of each style of Presswood Pallet at our Brentwood warehouse and offer a final inspection on all pallets prior to despatch to ensure premium quality.

As well as selling direct to end users Inka's Presswood Pallets are also available through a network of regional stockists and distributors, as well as being featured within a multitude of the most popular Industrial Equipment and Packaging related catalogues.

Since the Presswood Pallet is manufactured from recycled waste wood, it made sense to follow this trend and develop our range of pallets to include plastic pallets which are also made from recycled waste materials. In addition to these products Inka now stock a range of Pallet Boxes (the Capacitainer System) which are easily assembled and can be fixed to a Presswood Pallet. Inka also offer a selection of other pallet related products - from composite blocks for timber pallet manufacture, to complete, bespoke packaging designed especially for all types of products.

The Presswood Pallet itself, was invented in 1971 by the German company Werzalit A.G. & Co and it is they who control the licensed production for the patented method of manufacture. While there are other pallets manufactured from pressed wood none of the other producers are able to rival the choice of sizes and styles than those offered by Werzalit licensed factories. For this reason, by specifying an Inka (Presswood, Inca or Werzalit) Presswood Pallet, imitations are avoided and quality is guaranteed. Manufacturing now takes place in Germany (2 factories), Holland and the USA and are supplied, for sale, to over 20 countries, across three continents.

The advanced manufacturing of Presswood & Plastic Pallets process meets all current European legislation and strict in-house quality test procedures are carried out on a daily basis.

The Presswood Pallet has proved to be a popular alternative, offering many more benefits, to traditional timber types. The pallets are especially popular within the Electronics, Lighting, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Engineering and many other manufacturing industries.



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